"With clarity comes confidence and empowered decision making – the precursor to outcomes that are truly meaningful both financially and personally. At Ardent Private Wealth we believe that how you live, fulfilling goals and reaching milestones builds a fuller life and a rich legacy. And it all emanates from just one question: Why?"


At Ardent Private Wealth, we are known for astute financial advice. We work with professionals, executives and business owners - working and retired - to explore beyond the numbers to identify family values and aspirations. Our goal is to understand your fundamental reasons for being. Ours is a five-part framework. It begins with asking ‘why’ as this determines how we construct strategy, mitigate transactional complexity and deliver operational ease to create outcomes that are truly bespoke...



Once the jubilation of sudden wealth subsides, there is much to be considered. How does additional wealth impact upon your overall financial position? What freedoms does it bring and what are the potentially adverse effects on your current structures and tax efficiencies? Money needs to be protected, preserved and put to good use. Whether it’s to secure your future, retire early or for setting the kids up for life. With advice comes clarity and then the choices are yours...



A sudden turn of events can leave you suddenly responsible. For some this can include the significant financial obligations of an aging parent and decision making around their long term health care. For others it can be a sudden realisation, that despite your high income, you simply don’t have enough to see you through. What will you need to do to shore up your future? How will you service debt, satisfy essentials and live a life of choice beyond business or work...


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