Scott Moses

 Financial Adviser


Diploma of Financial Planning
Direct Equities Certification
Fixed Interest Certification
SMSF Certification

Executive Positions

Board Member – e-Clipse Online
Member – Financial Planning Association of Australia

About Scott

Live, Love, Learn and Legacy…these are the sensitive and sometimes awkward topics of conversations around money and fear that Scott Moses considers fundamental in the process of articulating financial planning requirements. Why? Because financial planning is more than just analysing numbers, it’s personal and Scott understands that meaningful conversations are the precursor to developing a truly appropriate and individual financial plan that is driven by personal objectives.

Scott began his career with AMP in the years prior to the crash of 1987. Those were heady days. Flamboyant business tycoons made startling headlines as they bought up big in what ultimately proved to be unsustainable investments in a precarious economy. As a young man at the beginning of his career he witnessed the excesses of the 80s and was actually on the floor of the Brisbane Stock Exchange the day it all came tumbling down…a lesson learnt and a moment etched in his memory.

In the years since, Scott has seen the best and the worst of financial planning situations. He handled superannuation accounts when super was available only to the elite and later, when at 3%, it became mainstream. Scott has sympathised with those referred to him too late and shared the unbridled relief of those who were proactive and put in place his recommendations. Such is the fabric of his tenure.

Highly qualified with certification in Equities, Fixed Interest and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, an interest in property, Scott has experience in the type of diverse matters that can only be derived from a career of almost 30 years immersed in financial services.

Scott listens - intently.

He recognises that human emotion and financial planning go hand in glove and the success of the latter determines how well his clients sleep at night.

He works with people from all walks of life, but most commonly business owners, high earning executives and professionals. He also works with individuals who find themselves at the epicentre of changed family situations who become “suddenly responsible” or “suddenly wealthy”, coping with unexpected financial windfalls, inheritance, redundancy, insurance payout or perhaps the sale of a business or significant asset. Those who understand that they need to better manage their financial resources but in truth, accept they have neither the skillset and knowledge nor the desire to spend the time and energy necessary to manage their financial affairs. They may be “investment phobic”, a term Scott uses to describe those who simply do not have the passion to pour over their financial statements. Scott’s clients are busy and time poor, but proactive and trusting of the breadth and depth of experience where he, as their advocate and facilitator, effects change and implements strategy for achieving what are always individual and very personal financial goals.


He has an aversion to crowds; an affinity for animals or rather they for him, as a steady flow of strays seem to have adopted him over the years; he’s very decent amateur photographer; there’s no shortage of friends and relatives who will accept an invitation if he’s cooking; and he’s spent his fair share on tickets to music festivals.

Scott and Jules, as he calls his wife Julia, like nothing better than to drive to the back of beyond and take a hike. They’ve swum with Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef, fished for Barra in the Territory, sailed from Darwin to Broome on the expedition ship, Orion and accumulated scores of photos in the Kimberly’s.

In his youth he played rugby league. These days he engages a personal trainer, hits the gym and enjoys cycling. He takes active holidays - snow skiing, fishing and sailing and he loves his time on the water. For Scott it’s about balance, dedicating an equal amount of passion to family and relationships as he applies to his work and clients. His personal achievements and values merge seamlessly with his professional life. It’s therefore not surprising that Scott is the recipient of many individual and business awards among them Best Team Player and Executive Chairman’s Most Valuable Person.

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